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Hi all,
Dr. Tim Bartholomaus from the University of Idaho is giving the ESS
colloquium this week. His talk will be on Thursday, Jan. 4 from 3:30 to
4:30 in JHN 075.

*Understanding fast glacier change: Revealing the processes at glacier beds

> and tidewater glacier termini*


> Glaciers and ice sheets worldwide are experiencing rapid changes to their

> velocities and thicknesses that were almost entirely unexpected just 15

> years ago. These changes motivate new examinations of the processes

> governing glacier and ice sheet mass balance and dynamics. Improved

> understanding of glaciological processes informs more sophisticated ice

> flow models and ultimately reduces the uncertainty associated with

> projections of sea level rise. In this talk, I will describe recent

> progress in understanding the processes at glacier beds and at tidewater

> glacier termini. I use a variety of in situ and remotely sensed data,

> including glacier seismology, to reveal subglacial hydrology and its impact

> on glacier motion, iceberg calving, sliding over till beds, and the

> controls on upstream thinning. Variations in background seismic tremor

> amplitude allows the reconstruction of subglacial hydrographs whose source

> locations and geometry can be tracked. Seismically impulsive icequakes

> reveal the tidal and submarine melt influences on iceberg calving. Two

> dimensional Fourier transforms of former ice stream beds indicate

> self-organized processes and pattern formation at the ice-till interface.

> Steep, thin reaches of ice sheet outlet glaciers, formed over millions of

> years of glacier erosion, represent a stabilizing influence on upstream,

> interior ice. Together, these studies enable a more complete understanding

> of the processes controlling fast glacier change.

Trevor Hillebrand
PhD Candidate in Earth and Space Sciences
Office: JHN 432
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