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Tue Jan 2 14:57:43 PST 2018

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Congratulations to Cristian​ ​ Proistosescu et al who were awarded funding
for a mini-symposium on the topic “What observational information best
constrains future climate change projections?” Talks, poster session and
discussions will be held at UW in February and much is open to the entire
PCC community. PCC members that are doing work on the topic are invited to
contribute a poster. More description is below.*Only one more
mini-symposium award will be made for the current call


*Title: What observational information best constrains future climate
change projections? *

This question encompasses a number of themes on the cutting edge of
physical climate research that we believe will be of broad interest to the
PCC community. The workshop will be organized by timescale. For instance,
at the shortest time scales, Does the climatological seasonal cycle add
information to our understanding of climate sensitivity? Can we use the
year-to-year variability over the observational record to constrain climate
sensitivity? On interannual-to-multidecadal time scales, how can we use
modes of internal variability such as ENSO, the AMO, or the PDO to
constrain the dependence of radiative feedbacks on surface temperature
patterns? Looking even further out, does variability of surface temperature
and global energy imbalance allow for a purely observational estimation of
radiative feedbacks that determine climate sensitivity? And can proxy
evidence of past climate changes constrain future projections?

When? All day on February 8 (including an early evening poster session)
and 9th, 2018

Where? University of Washington

Who? Organizers:​ ​ Dan​ ​ Amrhein,​ ​ Kyle​ ​ Armour,​ ​ Aaron​ ​
Donohoe,​ ​ Cristian​ ​ Proistosescu,​ ​ Andrew​ ​ Rhines,​ ​ Malte
Stuecker,​ ​ Rachel​ ​ White,​ ​ Robert​ ​ Wills

Registration will follow when a detailed agenda is available.
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