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Polar Science Weekend is coming up fast -- March 2,3,4 -- and Harry Stern
sent along these volunteer opportunities with training.

* Polar Science Weekend at Pacific Science Center*

Friday through Sunday, March 2-3-4

Friday hours: 10 am to 2 pm (one shift)
Saturday and Sunday: 10 to 6 (divided into 3 shifts)
You can volunteer for as little as one shift (3 hours).

These six activities could use help:

* Ocean Watchdogs*
See how scientists retrieve a 13,000-foot-long string of instruments
anchored to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean (hint: acoustic release).

* Salinity Taste Test*
Can you taste the difference between the Atlantic and
Arctic Oceans? Your tongue is an amazing salinometer!

* Sea Ice vs. Freshwater Ice*
Feel the difference between salty ice and fresh ice.
Watch what happens when colored dye is dropped on the ice.

* Where Does Arctic Ocean Water Come From?*
Learn about the different sources of water
and solve the chemistry puzzle.

*The Influence of the Polar Seas on the Global Ocean*
Challenge your understanding of the deep oceans by exploring
how temperature and salt influence ocean circulation
*[Saturday only]*

*Narwhal Mysteries*
Learn about narwhals -- play an activity game and
collect your own data to solve the mystery.

*All volunteers will be trained on how to run the activities*

* when they arrive at Pacific Science Center for their shifts. This year
Pacific Science Center wants to emphasize the climate change that's
occurring in the polar regions, so that will be part of the message to

To sign up as a volunteer, please:
1. Contact Harry Stern (harry at apl.washington.edu, 206-543-7253)
and let him know which activity (or activities) you'd like to do.

2. Register here:

* Bonus: Science Communication Workshop conducted by a science educator
from Pacific Science Center. Learn how to communicate science to the
public. Wednesday February 21, 4:00-6:00 pm, at the Applied Physics
Laboratory (Henderson Hall), Hardisty Conference Center on the 6th floor.
The workshop is open to Polar Science Weekend volunteers.*
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