[pccgrads] PCC Board Notes and P-GraSC Applications

Michael S Diamond diamond2 at uw.edu
Mon Apr 30 11:48:22 PDT 2018

Hi all!

*TLDR: Apply to be on P-GraSC by May 15 and check out the PCC board notes!*

The notes Paige and I took at the last PCC Board Meeting are attached here
for anyone interested. Highlights include this year's Summer Institute
theme (what is it? Only one way to find out...) and how to increase PCC's
exposure both on campus and with the public.

Also,* P-GraSC is now accepting applications for 2018-2019!*

What is P-GraSC, you ask? The PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee
(P-GraSC; https://pcc.uw.edu/people/graduate-student-steering-committee/)
is a group of ~12 PCC grad students from a diverse group of departments (if
you're getting this email, you definitely count as a PCC grad student!).
The committee formed two years ago in response to feedback from the June
2016 "All-Hands" meeting, which identified the need for a more organized
grad student steering body within the PCC.

Each year, half the committee will rotate out, to be replaced by new
members - namely, YOU! We are currently seeking nominations (for yourself
or others) to begin a 2-year position on P-GraSC starting this summer (*if
you have less than 2 years left and want to get involved, nominate yourself
anyhow! 1 years placements are perfectly fine*). The committee meets once
per quarter, with sub-committees potentially meeting more often if you're
working on something specific.

This can be as much or as little work as you'd like it to be: this year,
PGraSC activities included organizing the GSS (Graduate Student Seminars)
and the upcoming Spring Symposium.

We encourage applications from all PCC departments, with a particular
emphasis on ensuring a diversity of disciplines/perspectives. The goal is
to have no more than a few people from the same department on the committee
together at any given time.

*Please send your nominations (name of nominee + a few sentences on why
interested) to Michael Diamond <diamond2 at uw.edu <diamond2 at uw.edu>> by noon
on Tuesday, May 15. *

The current committee will select new members (with the goal of maintaining
a diverse representation of PCC departments) at their spring meeting, which
all PCC grad students are welcome to attend (time and location TBA).

*Please consider nominating yourself or your PCC friends for this super
fun, super chill committee!* If you'd like more information, you can
contact any of us current committee members (names, departments and emails
listed below).

Michael & Paige
Your 2017-2018 GSRs

*Current Members:*

Jessica Badgeley, ESS, badgeley at uw.edu
Ethan Campbell, OCN, ethancc at uw.edu
Kelly Carpenter, ChemE, kcarp at uw.edu
Amira Chowyuk, SEFS, anchowyu at uw.edu
Michael Diamond, ATMOS, diamond2 at uw.edu
Rebeca de Buen, Evans, rdebuen at uw.edu
Megan Feddern, SAFS, mfeddern at uw.edu
Diana Gergel, CE, gergel at uw.edu
Jennifer Hsiao, Bio, ach315 at uw.edu
Emma Kahle, ESS, eckahle at uw.edu
Katie Keil, SMEA, keilk at uw.edu
Megan McKeown, ATMOS, mmckeow1 at uw.edu
Paige Logan, OCN, pdlogan at uw.edu
Scott Rinan, QERM, rinnan at uw.edu
Hillary Scannell, OCN, scanh at uw.edu

Michael S. Diamond
PhD Student
Wood Group <https://faculty.washington.edu/robwood2/wordpress/>
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington
On the web: http://atmos.uw.edu/~diamond2/
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