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Hello Environment Advisers,

PoE has an excellent TA position available for Fall 2018. Would you please
share the following email and job announcement with your graduate

ENVIR 480 (5 credits) is a team project‐based course offered each quarter.
This course explores definitions and critical concepts of sustainability
and analyzes a different topic each quarter in relation to sustainability
on the UW campus.

The ENVIR 480 course instructor is responsible for developing this course
content, which
includes readings, field trips and a variety of guest lectures, as well as
securing client partnerships
for term‐long student group projects. Student research teams analyze
specific sustainability
practices related to food, water, energy, and climate, among other topics.
The sustainability project
topic focus is different for each quarter.

*This graduate student position is responsible for teaching ENVIR 480 in
Autumn 2018*. *The position may be renewed for Winter and Spring 2019.* The
successful candidate for this position may be hired as a Reader/Grader in
SPR 2018 to assist the current instructor.


Kristina M. Straus, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Program on the Environment
Lecturer, Program on the Environment
University of Washington

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