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(note, see this and other climate related courses at https://pcc.uw.edu/education/quarterly-climate-courses/course_quarter/winter-2018/)

Attached below is a course description for a class on ethics, science and geoengineering that will be co-taught by Steve Gardiner and me during Winter Quarter. Steve and I taught this course about three years ago and decided that it would be good to do a second round. The class will meet from 3:30 to 5:30 on Thursday afternoon. It will be predominantly reading and discussion on science and ethics issues and there will be group research projects. I am hoping that we can attract 6 to 8 students from the sciences who are interested in this interdisciplinary course. Please let me know if you have any interest in taking the course. We have an ATMS 591 number for it, it will be 4 credits, and it will qualify for Atmos grad students as “out of department credits.

I am of course happy to answer any questions about the class. If you are interested or thinking about taking the course, please let me know. Steve and I are trying to balance enrollment and I would like to have some idea of how many students we might have from the sciences side.

Tom Ackerman

ATM S 591/ENVIR 417/PHIL 417

Ethics, Science and Geoengineering

Geoengineering - roughly the intentional technological manipulation of the earth's environment on a global scale - is becoming a hot topic in climate change circles, as well as in the broader science and ethics communities. In this interdisciplinary course, we will consider the science of geoengineering and the ethical and governance considerations at stake. We will highlight interventions such as stratospheric sulfate injection, marine cloud brightening, and direct air capture. Scientifically, we will look at the mechanism[s], how they affect the climate system, and what is the level of uncertainty. Ethical topics wil include emergency arguments for geoengineering, moral hazard, justice, political legitimacy, hubris, and, especially, possible regulation of geoengineering research and deployment. We will discuss work from leading authors such as Ralph Cicerone, Paul Crutzen, Clive Hamilton, Mike Hulme, Dale Jamieson and David Keith, as well as influential reports from the Royal Society and the National Research Council. We are looking for strong team of advanced undergraduates and graduate students with background in ethics, politics, policy, or related disciplines. Versions of the course are cross-listed in Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Studies and Philosophy. Please do not hesitate to contact the instructors for further details. Offered: jointly with ATM S 591/ENVIR 417/PHIL 417

TEXTS: Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering, Dr. Clive Hamilton; A Case for Climate Engineering, David Keith; Can Science Fix Climate Change: A Case Against Climate Engineering, Mike Hulme.

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