[pccgrads] PCC Graduate Student Representative Nominations

Paige Logan pdlogan at uw.edu
Fri May 26 12:13:32 PDT 2017

Hello fellow PCC grad students!

Greg Quetin is wrapping up his two-year term as one of the PCC Graduate
Student Representatives (GSRs) so we need a volunteer to fill this
position. The GSR is responsible for representing the PCC graduate
students' voice at the table when the PCC board is making decisions (re:
funding, programming, etc.). Specifically, GSR responsibilities include:

-Attending PCC Board meetings (typically 1 per quarter)
-Sharing notes from the meeting with all PCC grad students
-Infrequently polling the PCC grad students on various issues
-Serving on the PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee (typically 1
meeting per quarter)

*If you are interested in being a GSR, or can think of someone who would be
a good GSR, please send me a **nomination by June 9*. They do not need to
be very long, a sentence or two of background on the nominee and their PCC
involvement would be great. Please do not hesitate to nominate yourself if


Paige (GSR)

Paige Logan
Graduate Student
University of Washington, School of Oceanography
Email: pdlogan at uw.edu <plogan at caltech.edu>
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