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Hi all-
Reporter doing a story, wants to make contact with students who may be
messing with rain gauges on the roof...sounds like Atmos?

See below, please contact LiLi Tan directly to make this timely...


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Hi there,

I'm a reporter with King 5 News. I was just speaking with Joe Casola over at
the Climate Change lab and he recommended I contact you to see if any
students are available. He mentioned some go up to the roof to measure the
rain with gauges.

I'm working on a story about the recent rains and what we expect in terms of
rain in the future. Are any students available for b roll and interviews
about what they've been finding?

I'm wondering if any are available tomorrow morning.

Please let me know. I'm on 206-604-0539.

Thanks very much,
LiLi Tan
King 5

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