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The Program on Climate Change (PCC, <https://pcc.uw.edu>
https://pcc.uw.edu) is pleased to welcome proposals for mini symposia held
at University of Washington or nearby for the PCC community and visitors.
Symposia should be planned to occur before end of 2018 on topics grounded in
climate science broadly considered and must clearly meet the mission of the
PCC. The PCC can provide financial support up to $5,000 to pay for a venue,
food and travel for a few visitors for up to 2 symposia. Proposals will be
reviewed and judged on quality by a subcommittee of the PCC advisory board
including student representation. Applications must be received by June 15,
2018 but will be evaluated on a rolling basis starting October 1, 2017.

The proposals must

1. State intended outcomes of the symposium. Examples include
facilitating a interdisciplinary effort leading to proposal submission,
writing a review paper, etc.

2. Be proposed by at least two members of the UW climate research
community broadly considered, at least one of whom must be faculty or
professional staff. Please consider including graduate students or postdocs
from the PCC community in this effort. The proposers should indicate past
involvement with PCC activities and how this symposium would help catalyze
new PCC activities and collaborations.

3. Be for a symposium that welcomes others from the PCC. If space is
limited, then some plan for determining who can attend must be included.

4. List possible visitors who would be invited. Visitors aren't required,
but are strongly encouraged.

5. Include a brief budget and describe other sources of funding that are
being sought.

The proposals should be approximately one page in length and must be
submitted electronically to <mailto:uwpcc at uw.edu> uwpcc at uw.edu

Please direct questions to the PCC Director elect Cecilia Bitz (bitz at uw.edu)
or to the PCC Program Specialist, Miriam Bertram ( <mailto:uwpcc at uw.edu>
uwpcc at uw.edu, 206-543-6521).

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