[pccgrads] Potential for writing an Op-Ed

Gregory Quetin gquetin at washington.edu
Mon Jan 30 17:50:56 PST 2017

Hello All,

A few of us are exploring the idea (just warming up) of writing an Op-Ed
from the perspective of burgeoning scientists working in and near climate.
Something that can incorporate some of the science of climate change but
from a more personal point of view. I haven't seen anything exactly like
this out there, if people have seen examples it would be great to hear
about them. If anyone is interested in joining brainstorming, writing,
signing on or editing something like this, let me know and I'll loop you
in. More the merrier. On a personal note I am motivated by the feelings of
being the bearer of bad news, the overwhelming nature of the problem
(predicament?) and the campaign to confuse people who have a very real
stake in the outcome.

I suspect the process will take awhile.


Gregory R. Quetin
Graduate Student
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington
email: gquetin at washington.edu <gquetin at atmos.washington.edu>
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