[pccgrads] Interest in training/discussion of Nonviolent Protest - please respond

Gregory Quetin gquetin at washington.edu
Wed Feb 15 12:03:46 PST 2017

Hello Grads,

There has been some interest from organizers in the organization CANVAS (see
website <http://canvasopedia.org/about-us/>) in engaging with the PCC. Your
feedback on whether you would interested in this would be useful to
determine if and how we proceeded. From a brief conversation I came away
with a few items that I thought would be relevant to us:

1. How to make high quality scientific information available to
activists. Also a discussion of the role of science in activism around
climate change.
2. Communicating in hostile (read: not interested in hearing it)
3. Protecting our own communities communication and the doing of
science. Though motivated by current events with the EPA and
efforts like data
refuge <http://www.ppehlab.org/>, I believe there is a way to make this
a positive push rather than just a response to current events.
4. Study the history of climate change activism in the context of other
movements CANVAS has had experience with.

A quick email with your thoughts or just a yes or no would be great.


Gregory R. Quetin
Graduate Student
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington
email: gquetin at washington.edu <gquetin at atmos.washington.edu>
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