[pccgrads] Q SCI 292 summer 2017--needs a math savy instructor!!!

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Tue Apr 25 11:02:35 PDT 2017

Contact Joe Kobayashi jkob at uw.edu if you are interested at all, as they will make the decision to cancel the class on May 5…

It’s calculus heavy, and currently has 20 students registered…potentially a good opportunity to teach!


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Miriam A. Bertram

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Subject: [Envirolink] Heads-up, Q SCI 292 potentially CANCELLED for summer 2017
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Hi all,

We've had a tough time finding qualified applicants for the Q SCI 292 (calc II) summer 2017 offering, and the course is in danger of being pulled from the schedule. I have contacted the current registered students (currently 20), but there is a chance you will get follow up questions about scheduling from your majors.

Final decision will be made on Friday, May 5.

We will still offer Q SCI 291 and Q SCI 381 in summer quarter (strangely, no problems getting the instructors there)

Please let me know if there are any potential instructors out there - looking for students in PhD programs, but possibly a Masters level student with Math teaching experience...

Schedule for 2017-18 Q SCI 292 would be: winter/spring

Thanks, and sorry in advance for any inconvenience for you or your students.

Joe Kobayashi

Marine Biology Academic Adviser
University of Washington
Fisheries Sciences Building <http://uw.edu/maps/?fsh> , Room 114 Box: 355020
206-543-7426 <tel:(206)%20543-7426>
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