[pccgrads] Next on PCC Climate Book Club: A Vast Machine (Ch. 1 - 5)

Gregory Quetin gquetin at washington.edu
Fri Sep 23 15:34:06 PDT 2016

Hi All,

I know, you're probably in the middle of thinking about classes, talks, the
clouds, how soon Lake Washington is definitely too cold to swim in, how
dark it is in February and how many youths with suitcases are wandering
around campus right now, but take a second to check out the next book we're
reading in the burgeoning *PCC Book Club: "A Vast Machine: Computer Models,
Climate Data, and the Politics of Global Warming"

The written-in-dusty-chalk-on-a-windy-day plan is to discuss the first 5
chapter (page #1 to #110) sometime towards the end of October (do I hear a
capitulation to the beginning of November after Graduate Climate
Conference?). Details on the actual get together to come soon but check out
the book, and be ready to use it as an excuse to get together and talk
obliquely about science soon!

*Global warming skeptics often fall back on the argument that the
scientific case for global warming is all model predictions, nothing but
simulation; they warn us that we need to wait for real data, "sound
science." In A Vast Machine Paul Edwards has news for these skeptics:
without models, there are no data. Today, no collection of signals or
observations -- even from satellites, which can "see" the whole planet with
a single instrument -- becomes global in time and space without passing
through a series of data models. Everything we know about the world's
climate we know through models. Edwards offers an engaging and innovative
history of how scientists learned to understand the atmosphere -- to
measure it, trace its past, and model its future.*

Happy Fall,

PS - We've got a few great ideas for other books to read, but we're
definitely still collecting ideas!

Gregory R. Quetin
Graduate Student
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington
email: gquetin at washington.edu <gquetin at atmos.washington.edu>
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