[pccgrads] CIRES Visiting Fellows opportunity--postdocs or visiting scientists

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Hi PCC grads,

I currently have a CIRES visiting fellow postdoc. Happy to answer any
questions you may have if you're interested in applying. So far, it's been


On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 9:20 AM, UW PCC <uwpcc at uw.edu> wrote:

> See link for details, ad encourages applicants to talk with folks at CIRES

> ahead of applying…applications due January 9.




> http://cires.colorado.edu/about/institutional-programs/

> visiting-fellows-program




> “CIRES invites scientists to join the thriving community of researchers in

> Boulder, Colorado, through our prestigious Visiting Fellows Program. CIRES

> visiting fellowships are intended to stimulate interdisciplinary science

> within the institute through engagement with researchers on


> campus and in Boulder’s NOAA laboratories. Sponsored by CIRES fellows,

> visiting fellows work with CIRES researchers on a wide range of

> environmental science topics. The CIRES Visiting Fellows Program has

> attracted more than 325 scientists from around the world since


> 1968; many have gone on to lasting careers in CIRES, NOAA and the

> University of Colorado Boulder. Two year visiting fellowships are available

> for postdoctoral researchers ($62,000/year), and terms of up to 12 months

> are available for senior scientists on leave or sabbatical. The application

> process opens in late October, and candidates are strongly encouraged to

> contact CIRES in advance of the *January 9, 2017 deadline*.”


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