[pccgrads] Today! Tu 10/4 at 3:30 Ebi on "A Summary of IPCC 2015 Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability"

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Tue Oct 4 14:40:54 PDT 2016

ATM S/ESS/OCEAN 586 Current Research in Climate Change
TODAY! [PCC 586/475] Ebi on "A Summary of IPCC 2015 Working Group II:
Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability"

Tuesday, October 04, 2016, 3:30 -4:30 PM
Location: OCN 425

Series overview: We will be exploring both the impacts of climate change
(both slow changes and extreme events) and the challenges that climate
change brings to society. Projections of climate change suggest human
populations will be impacted in multiple ways. The stability of governments
will be challenged by extreme events that can impact housing, water and food
supply. Stresses on natural resources can in turn lead to migration,
political instability, violence, and humanitarian disasters. In addition,
the strength of human society also relies on energy, food, and water
security. In this class, we will explore these challenges from both natural
science and social science perspectives.

TODAY! Tue 10/4 Kris Ebi (UW Global Health) A Summary of IPCC 2015 Working
Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

Tue 10/11 Joe Casola (UW Climate Impacts Group) Doing science that's useful
and used by decision makers

Tue 10/18 LuAnne Thompson (Oceanography) Climate change and Migration:
Lessons learned from a study of county level population change after

Tue 10/25 Bob Pavia (School of Marine and Environmental Affairs), Climate
Change, the Arctic and Transportation risk

Tue 11/1 Minding the Climate Refugee Gaps: Examining the Gaps in Legal
Protection for Climate Change Displaced Persons, Alex Lenferna (Philosophy)
and Tracey Chaplin (Jackson School)

Tue 11/8 Urban Environmental Justice in a Time of Climate Change, UW Ethnic
Cultural Center Register at

Tue 11/15 Breaking the Adaptation Taboo: How Information on the Costs of
Adapting to Climate Change Influences Support for Mitigation Nives Dolsak
(School of Marine and Environmental Affairs)

Tue 11/22 Andy Rhines (Atmopsheric Sciences) Climate Change and Extreme

Tue 11/29 Captain Jason Hamilton (USCGC Healy) What the changing Arctic
means for the U.S. Coast Guard

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