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ATM S/OCEAN/ESS 586 Current Research in Climate Change

Autumn 2016 Topic: Security and Climate Change

Seminar: Tuesdays 3:30-4:50 OCN 425

Organized by LuAnne Thompson (Oceanography, Program on Climate Change)

Projections of climate change suggest human populations will be impacted in
multiple ways. The stability of governments will be challenged by extreme
events that can impact house, water and food supply. These stressors can in
turn lead to migration, political violence, and humanitarian disasters. In
this seminar series we will explore these challenges from both natural
science and social science perspectives. There will be weekly readings and
invited seminars that will invite students to view the challenges of climate
change from multiple perspectives.

Course Description

Students in this seminar will:

* Read, evaluate, and synthesize information from literature in the
field of climate science
* Integrate information from a range of methodological approaches to
climate science
* Speculate on meanings of scientific data, possible future directions
and societal implications

This course is offered in conjunction with the OCEAN/ATM S/ESS 475
undergraduate seminar. Both undergraduate and graduate students will attend
presentations by UW and non-UW climate scientists in this co-listed course.

Required Readings

You will be given readings each week. These readings will be chosen to
supplement and to prepare you for the lectures and will be the source for
our discussions with the speakers each week. The readings will be available
through Canvas. You are expected to come to class having completed the

This course is graded credit/no credit. If you participate in 8 of the 9
online discussions (include the introduction discussion board), you will get
credit for the course.


To facilitate the discussion with the speakers you are required to
participate in the online discussion board for each of the required
readings. The online discussion boards close at 11AM of the day of the
seminar. The speakers have been asked to allow for 30 minutes of discussion
after their talk.

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