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Hi All,

I'm passing this along in case one of you might be interested -- I won't be
able to make it happen, but it sounds fun. My guess is that this is the
kind of thing where you might not even need to prepare slides -- this is
probably a bright, engaged audience, and would likely be receptive to an
open-ended conversation.


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Subject: Guest Speaker
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Dear Dr. Mauger,

My name is Marji Bovey, and I teach AP Environmental Science at Everett
High School in Everett, WA. On Monday my class took the AP test, and we
still roughly have 6 weeks of school left. I would like to expose my class
to people within their region that work directly with environmental issues.

I was going through Snohomish County’s website and noticed you were a
keynote speaker at the Planting Our Future Conference held in November. I
am wondering if it is possible for you to be a guest speaker for my class
addressing some of the topics you spoke about at the conference. They have
learned broad ideas about climate change and would benefit from being
exposed to the application of concepts within their own community.

I appreciate your time considering this email and am looking forward to
hearing from you.


Marji Bovey

Biology and AP Environmental

Varsity Bowling Coach

Everett High School

mbovey at everettsd.org


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