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CoEnv Outreachers,

The Atmos Outreach Coordinators have received a request to conduct science
experiments with a young group (1st, 2nd graders). It sounds like this
would be scheduled at some point in the afternoon after elementary school
lets out.

Because the responder would be financially remunerated for their time, any
agreement you reach with Ms. Reznik would be separate from an "official"
outreach activity. And while the emails below suggest this may be a
recurring event, any responder is under no obligation to do this more than
once. If the below is something you'd be interested in trying once, send an
email directly to Ms. Tamara Reznik, included below.


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My main goal is to make/keep science fun and cool for a young group of
mainly girls. This was my daughter's idea to do with her friends and I
want to maintain that excitement. I also want them to learn something
about science in a small environment where they can interact directly and
ask questions.

As I am asking someone to spend time on this, I am assuming that I would
pay them as I would pay a tutor. I think the way to frame it is that I'm
looking for a science tutor for a small group of girls doing science

I think you're right that once a week is a bit much. I'd love to try it
once and if it's successful maybe we can do it once a month or something.

Anybody who is interested can reach out to me directly at trez10 at gmail.com
or 206-618-6250.


> On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 11:35 AM, Tamara Reznik <fprints99 at gmail.com>

> wrote:


>> Hi!


>> Our class visited your department last year to see some science

>> experiments and the kids loved it! (We are at The Bush School).


>> I'm a mom of a 6 year old there and am actually interested in hiring a

>> grad student(s) to help do science experiments with a group of kids after

>> school once a week. Our daughter continues to love science experiments and

>> wants to start a Science Experiment "Club." We would love for her to

>> remain enaged with science and learn with some of her friends.


>> Can you let me know if any of the grad students there would be interested

>> in discussing this further? I am reaching out to your department since you

>> are the department our school visited.


>> Thanks!

>> Tamara Reznik

>> 206-618-6250






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> UW Atmospheric Sciences

> Outreach Co-Coordinator


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Outreach Co-Coordinator
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