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Hey UW Climate folks!

I recently signed the Tyndall Petition (tyndallpetition.org), a statement
about the realities and risks of anthropogenic climate change, signed only
by scientists. The petition is run by climatepedia.org -- a nonprofit,
student-led initiative designed to educate about climate change, and make
the scientific consensus about global warming more visible.

If you're interested in adding your name (grad students welcome too!), you
can forward these fields to info at climatepedia.org:

. Name: [First Name] [Last Name]
. Institution: [e.g. University of California, Los Angeles]
. Degree: [e.g. PhD, Atmospheric Sciences]
. Expertise: [e.g. Soil erosion and sustainability, glacial erosion
and response to climate, water development and management]
. Website: [e.g. www.university.edu/professorname]
. Permission to use photo on organizational website: [Y/N]

The director, Justin, is looking to get a lot of people signed up this week,
and I'd love to see more UW names on the list! Feel free to forward to your
networks as well.


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