[pccgrads] Proposed Geoscience Education Journal Club -- your feedback wanted by 3/8!

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Tue Mar 1 09:26:26 PST 2016

Dear Graduate Students and Postdocs :

There is a lot of work, published and implemented, in geoscience related
education, in both education research and in how to teach. This research
and the new science standards being implemented in K-12, have generated
discussion and interest by students and ourselves, in exploring the depth
and breadth of geoscience education. We are wondering if students and
postdocs would be interested in an organized journal club (with option of 1
cr seminar) this spring or sometime in the future.

We've described a vision for the seminar, below, and have a few questions to
direct your feedback (if the topic is of interest to you at all).

Thank you for any thoughts and feedback, please respond by next Tuesday,
March 8 to uwpcc at uw.edu.

Also, please share with others who might be interested but aren't on our
email lists.

Miriam, Tansy and Mikelle

Please read our description below, and then take a moment with these

1. If offered in Spring 2016, are you likely to enroll in the course? Or
would you be interested in participating on an ad hoc basis?

2. If offered in the next academic year, are you likely to participate?

3. Which of the listed topics would be of most interest (list up to 3)?
Are there additional topics that you are interested in exploring?

4. Do you have experience in science education? If yes, please briefly

5. Other comments/thoughts?

6. Your name (optional, but helpful if you'd like to be included in future
discussions about the journal club).

Geoscience Education Journal Club (ATMS/ESS/OCN 593 Seminar, 1 CR)

This seminar will familiarize students with contemporary issues and
resources in geoscience education, including K-12, undergraduate (major,
non-major, arts) and informal (outside of school) settings. Students gain
knowledge relevant to their current and future work as science educators and
in pathways to making a "broader impact". Participants become part of a
long term learning community in geoscience education. Graduate students and
postdocs from all disciplines are welcome.

Topics chosen and discussed weekly will be selected by participants.
Readings may include published works from topics within education based
research, pedagogical methods, and more. Possible topics include:

Disciplinary-Based Education Research:

Investigations of how teaching and learning take place in an earth, ocean,
climate, atmospheric science (etc.) context; priorities and practices of
each discipline.

Barriers to learning; how personal values and belief systems influence
teaching and learning.

Designing effective courses, assignments and activities

Active learning strategies, designing a lesson plan and research projects;

Comparing instructional strategies and aligning teaching plans and
assessments with learning goals;

Instructional practices focused on particular subjects such as: interacting
systems, risk, ocean change, climate change, sustainability, and teaching
with data.

Social media, games, and other on-line resources-opportunities?


Models for educator professional development;

Comparing geoscience offerings between states in the U.S. and countries
across the globe.


Satisfies the communicating science seminar requirement of the Graduate
Certificate in Climate Science (GCeCS); offered as credit/no credit only.

Who we are:

Miriam Bertram, UW Program on Climate Change, Oceanographer, experienced in
high school climate science education, dual enrollment programs, climate
curriculum development, teaching undergraduate geoscience courses for

Tansy Clay, UW Oceanography, experienced in supporting ocean scientist and
K-12/ informal education interactions including curriculum development,
teacher workshops/trainings focused on science, graduate student
workshops/trainings focused on education.

Mikelle Nuwer, Lecturer UW Oceanography, experienced teaching medium- and
large-size lecture, lab and online introductory undergraduate courses and
training departmental teaching assistants.

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