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Subject: [climateupdate] CIG Position opening: Strategic Communications Lead
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The Climate Impacts Group is advertising for a full-time Strategic
Communications Lead. The position will guide and support our efforts in
developing and implementing a proactive, organization-wide communication
strategy focused on informing conversations about climate impacts across
the Pacific Northwest.

More information on the position is available here: http://bit.ly/2ahD21s.
The position will be posted until filled.

Please feel free to pass this notice on to individuals and organizations
who may be interested in advertising the position. Thank you!


Lara Whitely Binder


*Lara Whitely Binder*

*Senior Strategist*

Climate Impacts Group | University of Washington

(ph) 206.616.5349 | lwb123 at uw.edu | cig.uw.edu

Follow us on Twitter: @CIG_UW <https://twitter.com/CIG_UW>


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