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Please sign and pass this on if you are so inclined. I hope the professional organizations (AGU, AMS, APS) will have similar letters.

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Join 2,300 Nobel Laureates, prominent scientists, and fellow experts nationwide on an open letter to hold the Trump administration accountable.

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<http://action.ucsusa.org/images/content/pagebuilder/12428.gif> <http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=jEyohtAx51kOYgSCODMeqQ> Washington Post: 22 Nobel Prize winners urge Trump to respect 'scientific integrity and independence'
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Add Your Name to Open Letter to Trump Administration and Congress

Dear Marcia,

Today, we released the first iteration of Science and the Public Interest: An Open Letter to President-Elect Trump and the 115th Congress from more than 2,300 members of the scientific community, including 22 Nobel Laureates.

While this is an impressive demonstration from our nation's scientific community, we face a serious threat to the role of science in our democracy. We need to make this letter as powerful as possible— <http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=39Mo_di2lzBlI08QJ37c0A> help strengthen this letter by adding your name.

Given the Trump transition team’s history of attacking scientists, censoring science, and attempting to obstruct science-based safeguards, the stakes are high and the message needs to be heard now: The scientific community will hold the Trump administration accountable on using independent science to govern in service of the public interest.

Please join 2,300 colleagues to strengthen the voice of the scientific community— <http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=wQu4598crDDnvgPiKPWd8g> add your name to the open letter today.

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