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Interested students should send the completed application to Rick Baugh,
Ph.D. atcbaugh at crbaugh.com by Tuesday, Sept. 6. If you have any questions,
please contact Gordy Anderson at 206-714-5590 or Rick Baugh at 206-285-1932.

The Office of the Vice Provost and Dean| UW Graduate
School|graddean at u.washington.edu


Career Planning Dinners

Nominate Graduate Students and Post-Docs


Lee Huntsman, President Emeritus;

Matt O'Donnell,Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering

To help stimulate graduate students and post-docs to think
about their careers after completing their degree, we have created a program
for a select group of 45 graduate students and post-docs from across the
University to focus together on the topic of career options and the various
paths towards these options. The program adds to other resources already
available for career planning.

It consists of six dinners, the first is an orientation
meeting that sets the stage and gets the participants engaged in developing
their own unique approach. The next four have a speaker who is highly
respected for his or her major contributions to society. (S)he will talk
about what was pivotal in propelling her/him to succeed. There will be ample
time for questions and discussion. The dinners will be once every two months
to give participants time to reflect and absorb the information before
hearing the next speaker as well as do their own research about career
options that appeal to them. The final gathering provides a forum for the
participants to crystalize a job search process that fits their unique

The idea behind the program rests on our observation that
highly effective leaders in a wide range of areas will disproportionally
come from those graduate students and post-docs who have the following three

1. Are deeply engrossed and fully engaged in their graduate studies
with a focus on outcomes and results rather than solely a deep curiosity
about the field.

2. Have demonstrated repeatedly a genuine interest and concern for the
success and opportunities for fellow trainees, i.e. an outward focus on
others while completing their own work with excellence.

3. Are actively formulating strategies for their career options after
completing their present commitments.

Such graduate students and post-docs seem to have already
decided that they will make a contribution through their careers; it is not
a matter of "if" but "how." We hope that these dinners will help them to
think creatively about the "how" - spending some time thinking about what
comes after finishing their advanced training will reinforce and increase
their commitment and focus on their current responsibilities.

The focus on emerging leaders should not be interpreted as a
statement that other critical roles are not essential and important.
Additionally, we understand that our selection criteria are imperfect.

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Baugh, Ph.D. at
206-285-1932 or Gordy Anderson at 206-714-5590.


Would you please:

1. Forward this e-mail to faculty and staff who would know likely

2. Forward the attached application to appropriate Ph.D. students and
post-docs in your department?

Thank you.

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