[pccgrads] Ecoclimate reading group - Autumn 2015, First meeting Oct 14th (fwd)

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Thu Oct 8 10:56:30 PDT 2015

Please distribute to anyone interested-
I apologize if you are receiving duplicate invites!

Please join us for the Autumn 2015 term:
Ecoclimate Reading Group
Wed 12:30-1:30
310 ATG

This reading group focuses broadly on understanding the interactions between
ecosystems and climate at global scales. Topics of interest include the
effects of hydrology, ecosystem functioning, observations of, and our
ability to model different aspects of the coupled ecosystem-climate system.
Please extend this invitation to anyone you think would be interested in

Graduate students interested in signing up for credit may register for BIOL
561-D, SLN: 11609.

Participants are welcome to attend any or all discussions.

First meeting: Wednesday, October 14th
12:30-1:30 in 310 ATG
We will be discussing:

Brodribb, Timothy J., et al. "Conifer species adapt to low-rainfall climates
by following one of two divergent pathways." Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences 111.40 (2014): 14489-14493.

The schedule for the Spring term can be found here:
Participants are encouraged to sign up for a week to choose a paper for the
group to read and lead a discussion.

Please let me know if you have any questions-


Abigail L. S. Swann
Assistant Professor
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Department of Biology
University of Washington

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