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*From: *Jessie Israel <jessie.israel at TNC.ORG>
*Subject: **Spread the word! Seeking Aquatic Ecologist extraordinaire.*
*Date: *November 19, 2015 5:53:55 PM PST
*To: *Jessie Israel <jessie.israel at TNC.ORG>
*Cc: *Jodie Toft <jtoft at TNC.ORG>, Ryan Haugo <rhaugo at TNC.ORG>

Hi all,
I’m pleased to announce that The Nature Conservancy is recruiting an *Aquatic
Ecologist *which will be a key member of our emerging (and totally awesome)
stormwater team in Puget Sound. We are looking for someone who brings
technical and scientific leadership, who has a strong sense of the big
picture, and ability to communicate it compellingly. Please share this
posting far and wide and feel welcome to forward it to your favorite
I hope you are well.
Warm regards,

*Jessie Israel*
*Puget Sound Conservation Director*
*jessie.israel at tnc.org <jessie.israel at tnc.org>*
(206) 390-7894 (m)
(206) 436-6233

*The Nature Conservancy*
1917 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
nature.org <http://www.nature.org/>

*The position will be open until December 14 and can be found on TNC’s
careers website
is a shorter form of the job description, which can be circulated at will.
Below is a brief description of the essential functions, duties, and
qualifications for the position:*

The Nature Conservancy’s Washington Chapter seeks an Aquatic Ecologist to
provide scientific and technical leadership for the Conservancy’s
conservation projects in Washington, and projects undertaken in a joint
program with Conservancy chapters in British Columbia and Alaska. S/he will
lead projects that emphasize conservation and restoration of freshwater and
aquatic habitats and improvements to water quality in urban, agricultural,
and forested settings. S/he develops and leverages networks of external
scientific colleagues who provide peer review, and deliver information,
research capacity, models, and decision support tools for conservation. To
export the Conservancy’s knowledge and attract peer review s/he writes
scientific papers and articles for publication, and presents at conferences
and other meetings. S/he will represent the Conservancy and conservation
science with a wide variety of private, local, state, and federal
conservation partners and stakeholders and will be capable of developing
and maintaining productive relationships within politically charged

The Aquatic Ecologist is a member of the Washington Program’s Science Team
and is supervised by the Puget Sound Conservation Director. S/he works
closely with the Directors of Forest and Marine Conservation in Washington
and functions as a team member for the Puget Sound, Marine and Forest
conservation programs. This is a full-time position located in either
Seattle or potentially in Mt. Vernon, Cle Elum, Yakima, Wenatchee, or
Olympia, WA.


· Developing restoration strategies to integrate upland, instream,
floodplain, and nearshore salmon habitat restoration for use by land
management stakeholder collaboratives in coastal, central, and eastern

· Engage on collaborative projects with Puget Sound agricultural and
shellfish partners to implement best management practices (BMPs) to improve
water quality and improve salmon habitat.

· Developing and implementing a social-ecological framework for
prioritizing and tracking progress of actions that address critical water
quality issues, including urban stormwater management, in Washington.

· Providing analysis and input on the anticipated conservation
benefits and impacts for aquatic/freshwater systems of forest acquisitions
and forest management plans and prescriptions.

· Developing and maintaining a strong network of collaborators and

· Writing proposals and project reports, and effectively managing
multiple grants and contracts.


· Graduate degree in ecology, aquatic or fishery sciences,
hydrology, environmental science or a related field and 2 years related
experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. Ph.D. in
ecology, aquatic or fishery sciences, hydrology, environmental science

· Demonstrated interest and ability to work across a diverse range
of subject areas in aquatic ecology.

· Knowledge of climate-related drivers for watershed planning,
policy, and management.

· Commitment to practical solutions to conservation challenges.
Experience designing and conducting applied field research and/or spatial
analyses to inform immediate and long-term conservation actions.

· Proven ability to work effectively with a wide range of people,
including government agencies, partner organizations, local constituencies,
and Conservancy volunteers and staff. Strong team ethic required.

· Ability to communicate complex scientific information to a lay
audience, including media (print, radio and television) and the general

· Experience manipulating, analyzing, and explaining spatial data.

· Moderate to strong proficiency with GIS, including ability to use
basic spatial analysis tools, configure map layer symbologies, and
manipulate tabular data.

· Knowledge and appreciation of the people, cultures, values, and
current conservation issues in the Northwest.

· Experience managing time and diverse activities under deadlines
while delivering quality results. Strong organizational skills.

· Record of peer reviewed publications in scientific journals.

Please refer questions to Jodie Toft (jtoft at tnc.org; 206-436-6207) or Ryan
Haugo (rhaugo at tnc.org; 509-248-6672).
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