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Meet, Greet, Teach (MGT): Power and Privilege in the Classroom
An Informal Conversation about Interdisciplinary Teaching on Environmental Issues

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Monday, February 9
5:00-6:30 PM
Program on the Environment Commons, <http://washington.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=20867f83bc8d4296d90b992a2&id=38e5352e49&e=ba68671e39> Wallace Hal <http://washington.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=20867f83bc8d4296d90b992a2&id=c4a1ba9d4b&e=ba68671e39> l (ACC) 012
Free to attend. RSVP requested by Thursday, Feb. 5.


She wore tight tops and ripped jeans. Her hair was in dreads. She had a pierced tongue. When she came, she sat in the back with her racial clique, and never raised her hand. She didn’t linger to ask questions but always hurried out of the classroom.

He sat in front and paid attention. I knew he was a student senator. When I posed questions, he was always ready with an answer so of course I called on him. He dressed nicely without being too fussy. And yes, he was white, but that doesn’t really matter, does it?

What they wear. Where they sit. How fast they respond. Whether they look at you, or away from you. If they are late, or miss class. Whether they slouch. If they stay after to ask questions. Whether they volunteer. If they smile. When they raise their hand first. Because they look interested.

When the socio-cultural landscape comes into the classroom, what is the responsibility of the instructor to level the playing field? Who do you spend time on? What is an affirmation of the status quo, and what pushes back?

Join a special Meet, Greet, Teach and combined Conversation on Defining Diversity as we examine our role, our power, and our responsibility to create a learning environment that says no to bias, stereotypes, and micro-aggressions.


* Megan Bang, Assistant Professor, Education
* JW Harrington, Professor, Urban Studies, Geography
* Billie Swalla, Professor, Biology; Director, Friday Harbor Laboratories
* Anu Taranath, Senior Lecturer, English, Comparative History of Ideas


MGT is an evening series offering graduate students, postdocs, staff and faculty with an interest in engaging in artful, interactive, innovative teaching a chance to interact with colleagues from across campus who are willing to share their enthusiasm and experience.
Each MGT focuses on a single “30,000 foot” issue: What is interdisciplinary? The role of facts versus values. Can personalized teaching be objective teaching? Saving STEM.

Over a glass of wine and light appetizers, attendees have a chance to mix and mingle before settling down to a 30-minute "fast panel" of 3-5 faculty, each delivering thought - and conversation - provoking answers. With time for both structured and social interaction, MGT presents an opportunity for everyone to have a say, make a contact, find a shared direction, and learn something new.

Wanting more follow-up? We'll wrap up the session with time for more one-on-one interaction, giving everyone time to grab a speaker for a final comment.

About CoDD: Diversity, equality, engagement, opportunity - these are words laden with value and individual meaning. The College of the Environment is committed to creating and supporting a diverse academic community representing a full range of cultural, ethnic and disciplinary sectors.

One way to achieve that goal is by talking.

Conversations on Defining Diversity is a public forum within the College where we - all of us - can explore the issues, roadblocks, challenges, and opportunities our College faces, as the first step towards brainstorming solutions.

Each conversation will focus on a particular aspect of diversity, and will feature our own faculty, staff, and students speaking about their experiences, often from very different points of view. Come listen, share, and learn.


Sponsored by the College of the Environment and hosted by the Program on the Environment

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