[pccgrads] "How Will Climate Change Affect Our Global Food Supply?" Webinar 1/28

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How Will Climate Change Affect Our Global Food Supply?


Dr. John Antle (among others)

Dr. John Antle is a professor in the Department of Applied Economics, a
contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Assessment Reports, and co-leader of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison
and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Economics Team.


9:45-11:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Find out more at:

<http://www.rff.org/Events/Pages/> http://www.rff.org/Events/Pages/
How-Will-Climate-Change-Affect- Our-Global-Food-Supply.aspx

According to recent studies, climate change could reduce agricultural
productivity, decreasing global food supplies and harming households that
rely on crops, livestock, and fisheries for income. How much do we actually
know about how climate change might impact agriculture? What types of
policies can be developed today to help protect against the worst of these

At this RFF seminar, experts will examine recent research on this important
topic and discuss how the United States and other countries are addressing
the challenge. Panelists will present new methods to quantify the climate
vulnerability of farm households, demonstrated in major studies in Africa,
South Asia, and the US Pacific Northwest.

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