[pccgrads] Thursday: My 'COGS' Seminar on Vegetation Sensitivity to Climate

Gregory Quetin gquetin at washington.edu
Sun Feb 1 00:20:12 PST 2015

Hi All,

If anyone is interested and really missing having a seminar on Thursday
afternoon I am presenting my Master's work on *vegetation sensitivity and

Details: Atmospheric Sciences Seminar
*Thursday (2/5) @3:30pm in Bagley 261 (link


More Details:

*Global Response of Vegetation to Inter-annual Climate Variability*

Vegetation adapts to a broad assortment of climate conditions across the
globe; constrained by limits and excesses of environmental conditions such
as temperature, insolation and water. Predicting the future distribution
and productivity of vegetation requires knowing where and how it will
respond to climate. Combining decades of remotely sensed vegetation
greenness and gridded climate datasets we have quantified how vegetation is
constrained by climate across the globe and across climate space. We find
that the mean annual temperature boundary between too little and too much
warmth changes by 7 degrees C depending on how much rainfall a place
receives, and at the highest rainfall rates vegetation never becomes
constrained by high temperatures at all. In contrast to previous climate
classification approaches, our approach provides a process-oriented data
constraint that can be used to test process-based models.
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