[pccgrads] Graduate Student Seminar: Alex Lowe presents 1st Spring Quarter Seminar Wed. Apr. 22

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Hello PCC grads!

The spring quarter Graduate Student Seminar begins this week! *Alex Lowe*
will be presenting his research on "Investigating physical and biological
drivers of pH variation in shallow nearshore habitats" at *5pm on Wednesday
April 22 in ATG 610*. Check out the full description below!

We have a great lineup of speakers for the rest of the quarter as well, all
at 5pm in ATG 610:
May 6 Sarah Dewey Ocean
May 20 Leah Johnson Ocean
June 3 Shirley Leung Ocean

Hope to see many of you there!

Hilary, Brad and Greg

*This week's talk:*
Alex Lowe (Biology): "Investigating physical and biological drivers of pH
variation in shallow nearshore habitats"

Description: Recent observations of low pH in coastal waters have caused
concern over the rate of ocean acidification and the corresponding
influence on benthic organisms in nearshore habitats. For example, studies
in the California Current focus on the relationship between upwelling and
low pH water and their link to reduced performance of larval oysters in
shellfish hatcheries. The extent to which drivers of oceanic variability
influence carbonate chemistry in nearshore areas of Washington is not well
defined. Nearshore habitats are likely influenced by a combination of
factors, including river discharge and concentrated biological activity. To
investigate the relative influence of different biological and
environmental drivers of pH variation, we sampled along the estuarine
gradient and in shallow water in 7 bays in Puget Sound, Hood Canal and
Willapa Bay. Analyses included pH, alkalinity, temperature and salinity as
well as factors related to biological activity including Chlorophyll,
dissolved oxygen and suspended organic matter. This GSS talk will focus on
preliminary work investigating the 'estuarine variability' aspect of my
dissertation, while discussing potential impacts on growth and
physiological condition of native and non-native oysters in Washington

*What is the GSS, you ask?*
The PCC Graduate Student Seminar (GSS) is organized by graduate students
for graduate students. The series provides an extremely laid back
environment where grad students give 25-35 min presentations on their
research followed by a 20 minutes of questions/discussion on the topic.
It's a great opportunity to see what is going on in climate research with
your fellow students down the hall or across campus. Plus, it you are
interested in presenting, it's a great chance to show off some of your own
research and receive feedback on your work. Presentations should be geared
toward a general scientific audience (of graduate students) with ample
background information so everyone can follow. As always, *be*v*er*ages
will be provided for a minimal donation.

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Hilary Palevsky
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