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Stephen Po-Chedley pochedls at uw.edu
Mon Sep 29 08:33:44 PDT 2014

Hi Everyone,

Atmos department graduate Dr. Joe Casola will be giving his perspective on climate policy and communication in today’s atmos seminar (see abstract below). Joe is the Program Director for Science and Impacts at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, overseeing efforts to assess and communicate the current state of knowledge regarding climate change and its associated impacts.

This is really timely given some of the recent news on climate change. After the seminar, we’ll have a grad student discussion with Joe, which will help give us a unique perspective on climate communication and policy.


Perspectives on Climate Communications and Policy

Time: Monday September 29 at 3:30 pm (discussion starts at 4:30 following his talk)
Location: ATG 310C

Description: Business leaders, policy makers, natural resource managers, and public sector officials are all interested in understanding the climate risks (and opportunities) that may affect their interests. As a result, demand for credible, yet tailored, information about the risks associated with climate variability and climate change is growing. This presents some challenges for the research community, but also some important opportunities for building new institutional relationships and exposing students to the applications of climate information. Keeping in mind some tactics for effective communication can help you get the most out of interactions with various stakeholders.

Focusing on one set of decision makers, I'll speak about some recent federal policy actions, and where things might be headed in the coming months.
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