[pccgrads] Please respond regarding PCC website

UWPCC uwpcc at uw.edu
Wed May 14 10:20:35 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,

We are doing updates on the website and are wondering if you would like to
be added to the participant page or have your information updated/modified
in any way. The page that I am referring to can be found at:
rd&entity=PARTCP&action=GetEntity> &entity=PARTCP&action=GetEntity.

If you are not currently on the site and would like to be added please
respond with:

1. Name

2. Email

3. Phone Number

4. Web Site

5. Department

6. Position (Grad Student, postdoc, etc.)

7. Research interests (can be a blurb or short list)

Please respond within a week, so by May 21, 2014 (Wednesday), in order for
us to get these updates done promptly. Thank you.


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