[pccgrads] Video on climate-change communication from a dual career scientist/psychotherapist!

Jack Scheff jscheff at u.washington.edu
Wed May 7 15:17:57 PDT 2014

Hey climateers,

I joined climatevoices.org recently, and through them I just found this
amazing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpVnQpB6F8o from Jeff Kiehl,
a prominent NCAR climate expert who decided to get a second doctorate in
psychology and start practicing therapy. He talks about how traumatic and
stressful it can be for non-specialists when they hear about depressing
predictions of climate change, and about some strategies he has used for
helping his listeners at climate talks recover from that blow.

This video is about an hour long, but I highly recommend watching it when
you have some time, especially if you ever speak to non-scientists about
the climate change issue. I'm not sure I would follow his exact
recommendations, but more the general principle.

Miriam, feel free to forward this to the faculty and/or postdoc lists...

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