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FYI, free to UW students. Registration ends on monday.


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[Apologies for cross-posting]

This is just a friendly reminder that the abstract deadline for the US AMOC
Science Team meeting
<http://usclivar.org/meetings/2014-us-amoc-science-team-meeting>is *Monday,
June 16.*

More than one abstract or poster may be submitted. Abstracts that are not
selected for oral presentations will be considered for poster
presentations. Please identify one of the four Task Teams when submitting
an abstract.

Task Team 1: AMOC Observing System Implementation and Evaluation
Task Team 2: AMOC State, Variability and Change
Task Team 3: AMOC Mechanisms and Predictability
Task Team 4: Climate Sensitivity to AMOC: Climate/Ecosystem Impacts.

We will also be sending an announcement tomorrow in our monthly Newsgram.
Please share this email or our Newsgram with your colleagues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us!

Best regards,

*Kristan Uhlenbrock*
*Program Specialist II*
*US CLIVAR Project Office <http://usclivar.org/>*
*kuhlenbrock at usclivar.org <kuhlenbrock at usclivar.org>*
*202.787.1682 <202.787.1682> (w)*
*941.539.7337 <941.539.7337> (c)*

LuAnne Thompson
Director, Program on Climate Change
Professor of Oceanography
Adjunct Professor Physics and Atmospheric Sciences

Office: 206 543 9965
Cell: 206 676 2685

twitter @UWPCC

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