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FYI. A chance to visit a DOE lab.


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Nice to say hello last week.

I see DOE has announced a new graduate research program to fund PhD
students to spend time at National labs - I suppose this would apply to
PNNL as well as other labs.
Here’s an announcement blurb.


The DOE Office of Science has initiated a Graduate Student Research Program
that will fund Ph.D. students to spend three to 12 consecutive months
conducting thesis research at a national laboratory. At least 100 awards
are anticipated in FY15.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are pursuing a Ph.D. in physics,
chemistry, material sciences, engineering, biology, mathematics, computer
or computational sciences or areas of environmental science that are
aligned with the mission of the Office of Science
In addition, applicants must have established Ph.D. candidacy and are
responsible for establishing a collaboration with a Laboratory scientist
prior to applying. Students who are currently working at a laboratory are
not eligible to apply for an award at that laboratory.

Laboratory scientists can direct prospective students to the application
website <http://science.energy.gov/wdts/scgsr/>:

The application deadline is Sept. 24 and awards will begin in January 2015.
Additional information about the program can found on the website.


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