[pccgrads] Deutsch on "Microbial ecosystem dynamics drive fluctuating ocean nitrogen loss"--TODAY 12/1 at NOON

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Happy December, all.

Curtis Deutsch is giving a seminar in Biology.

12:00 PM on Monday, December 1st in HCK 132

"Microbial ecosystem dynamics drive fluctuating ocean nitrogen loss"

Dr. Curtis Deutsch, Associate Professor, School of Oceanography

University of Washington

Small O_2 deficient zones (ODZs) below the ocean surface play a major role
in regulating marine productivity, by removing bioavailable nitrogen (N).
Diverse microbial communities and their metabolic pathways influence N
cycling in ODZs, but the large-scale consequencesof this for N-loss are
unknown. Here we investigate key microbial interactions in an
ecosystem-circulation model of the North Pacific ODZ. The microbial model
replicates observed chemical distributions, but exhibits fundamentally
distinct behavior from traditional models based on chemistry alone.
Ecosystem oscillations develop at the oxic-anoxic boundary, creating large
variations in the regional rate of N-loss, even in a steady circulation.
These oscillations occur through a feedback between low O_2 bacteria and the
chemical environment, and yield dramatic shifts in the ratio of autotrophic
to heterotrophic denitrification. The coexistence of diverse metabolisms
reduces mean rates of N-loss, even while expanding the scale of anoxia.

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