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I wanted to alert everybody of a fall seminar & boot camp that might be of
interest, cross-listed as ASTR 599/AMATH 500. Please forward to any
students you think might be interested!

More information is below:

- This is a 1 credit graduate seminar on the essentials of scientific
computing with Python.
- The seminar is open to any graduate student at UW, and will be geared
especially to first and second year students.
- The seminar will meet each Monday during fall quarter, from 3:00-4:00pm
- Grading is pass/fail, based on brief weekly assignments aimed at giving
practice with the material.
- Register for the seminar through the course catalog, under either ASTR
599 or AMATH 500.

- Prior to fall quarter, we will offer a two-day boot camp covering the
basics of using Python for scientific research.
- The boot camp will meet from 9am-4pm on Monday & Tuesday Sept 22-23, the
final two days before fall courses start.
- Seminar students are not required to attend the boot camp, but it will be
very useful to anybody who wants to get up-to-speed in Python. The weekly
seminar will pick up where the boot camp left off.
- If you are interested in attending the boot camp, *please RSVP* by
emailing jakevdp at cs.washington.edu. Space is limited!

For more information on both the seminar and the boot camp, see

Thank you!

Jake VanderPlas
eScience Institute

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