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Some people have responded to the customer survey that they no longer want to be on this list. If you know you are supposed to be on this email list of EIS users, you can ignore this message.

If you are questioning why you are on the list:

This list is dynamically populated at any given time with the same list as the list of users of EIS. You're on this list because you're authorized as an Equipment Insurance System user. We only use this list to contact our Equipment Insurance System (EIS) users about relevant information to the Equipment Insurance System (upgrades, changes, downtime, etc) and to the program as well (information about renewal deadlines, rate structure changes, etc). We use the Mailman technology to do this and to archive messages, but it's not a regular discussion list.

We sympathize with you that you have access to a system that you don't need, but we don't manage that aspect of EIS. EIS authorizations are are managed locally through ASTRA, a system that administrators and managers on campus use to allow their own department's staff to have access to a variety of systems on campus.

If you no longer do Equipment Insurance work and would like to be removed, please contact the ASTRA authorizer for the department which authorized you.
Here's more about how to find your ASTRA authorizer if you are unfamiliar with this process:

Please let me know if you or your ASTRA authorizer have any questions. ASTRA authorizations can be confusing if you are not used to working with them.


Angie Kritenbrink
Equipment Insurance
rmequip at uw.edu<mailto:rmequip at u.washington.edu>
Office of Risk Management
206-221-2984 phone
206-543-3773 fax
UW Box 351276

The Equipment Insurance program website:

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