[Cse143a_sp23] [CSE 143] final grades

Stuart Reges reges at cs.washington.edu
Wed Jun 14 16:19:53 PDT 2023

Final grades for cse143 have been reported to the university.

Information about the final including a key, instructions for picking
up your exam, and information about regrade requests can be found


If you find that your exam has been graded incorrectly, you can submit
it to me for a regrade (slip it under my door--room 305 of CSE2). If
you are interested in a regrade of questions 5, 8, or 9, you MUST use the
testing programs I have available on this page and submit your code
through the canvas turnin included at the bottom of this page:


Thank you for an enjoyable quarter. I wish you all luck in your
future endeavors.


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